talking to google in human language

Ranking high in searches is essential. Google's algorithms increase their intelligence every day. The era with keywords and tags ended. What do the top search marketers do? They create a meaningful content that Google understands instantly. I am here to help you stay in trend with everything happening around search engines. I will help create the right amount of content that Google will like, index, and rank. I will structure your website in a search engine inviting manner. I am trained and certified for that!

check out the case study below

When I first took control over the corporate website of Superior Tray Systems LLC, it was not quite clear where it stood in search results. The website did not have any analytical tools attached, not even the Google Search Console. The content seemed confusing with many technical terms. It was pretty hard to understand even what was the business all about on the website.

My task was to determine how to increase the organic traffic coming to the website.

The keyword analysis results turned out very poor. However, I noticed that the domain had a pretty good authority and many backlinks. It seemed to be pretty promising in regard to fast results if correct steps were taken.

After consulting with the business development manager I compiled the list of keywords deemed essential for the business. That list sufficed to create certain pieces of content and make some structural changes in headings. Also installed an SEO plugin to the WordPress which was never installed before.

After five days of work and two weeks of Google crawling https://www.superiortray.com/ ranked in the first three SERP results within the assigned keywords.

Google even awarded the website with a featured snippet for the keyword "leading cable bus manufacturer canada" #1 in all rankings. It was an impressive result of targeted copywriting implemented on the front page.