designing as you imagine

There is always a unique signature behind any design. I keep things simple though I am not afraid of complex projects by taking any task seriously: from a business card to a large magazine, from a flyer to a multi-level catalogue, in any format for print and digital! My brain generates the ideas. The genius apps by ADOBE make the rest of the magic happen! 


Back to GYM - MH Care - Lettersize - Final- Revised June 17 2021.pdf
MHCare Brochure for Medical Clinics - Final - Revised 24-June-2021.pdf
MHCare Brochure for Dentists - Final - Revised June 24 - 2021.pdf
Hollobus Data Sheet - March 12 - 2021.pdf
Local agent postcard - Sal Haji - finalized Sep 16 2021.pdf
Eddie Castillo - Seller engagement flyer.pdf
Noell Distad - Postcard 1 - Services - green copy.pdf
Mozaic Realty Group - Postcard for Agents.pdf
Walker Lake Plaza - Key2 Flyer.pdf
Seller's Guide- MaxWell.pdf
Pioneer Place -MaxWell - Key2 sign-8x8ft.pdf