Generate Leads

ultimate SELLER LEAD GENERATION SYSTEMS for real estate agents and brokerages

If you or your clients have ever searched for their home value online, chances are high that they have submitted their contact details through an "instant home valuation" form and got nothing close to "instant" in response - maybe a phone call back. 

There is nothing worse than a "broken" promise that causes frustration especially when someone is calling back with a follow-up call to nothing. 

My tools are changing it all! 

Compared to other lead-capturing forms my systems generate real-time pricing based on online data from different sources. At the same time, these tools have streamlined integrations with Google Ads and almost all existing CRMs. 

These platforms are unified under one software: MINAS - Massive Information Network Analysis System, serving all locations across Canada and the United States of America.  

These simple and powerful solutions will make your follow-up call or email more weighted and expected. 

Most of the customers will respect you already since the TOOLS KEEP THEIR PROMISE! 

Test them out yourself!